Equine Tension Relief Therapy

Anni Sedgwick is  qualified in Equine Tension Relief Therapy, learning the classic techniques of muscle manipulation from Alastair Brookes and Kay Dunn. She also practises the Japanese inspired techniques of  channelling energy through the hands to relieve physical and emotional problems in your horse, dog or cat.

Equine Tension Relief Therapy has been successfully applied to the treatment of dysfunctional problems in horses, dogs and cats including:

-          muscle injury

-          muscle and nerve degeneration

-          joint mobility

-          pain relief prior to and post surgery

-          recovery from illness

-          respiratory conditions

-          lymphatic conditions

-          older animal care and arthritis management

-          behavioural problems 


Stimulation of the energy flow assists in:


-      accelerating healing after surgery and/or illness

-      releasing blocked energy and promoting a state of relaxation

-      cleansing the body of toxins

-      emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues

-      reducing stress  in highly strung or nervous animals