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Amanda Ross and Will

About Us

Welcome to the 10 Minute Box. Our horse boots are designed, tested and produced by people with extensive riding experience and  with one goal in mind ...... the protection of your horse's legs. Enjoy your browse around our site. We hope that whatever your riding ability you'll learn something useful about the construction of our boots and how to use them to get the best results for you and your horse.


The 10 Minute Box specializes in making simple, yet awesome protective leg wear for the equine athlete!


Our line of protective & ice therapy boots are suitable for a range of disciplines, from the newest junior equestrian, to the most experienced Elite competitor. We have created a range of products to suit dressage, eventing, jumping, Pony and Adult riding club, racing, harness, Clydesdale's to Minis... and we can make specialty boots to order!


Our name, The 10 Minute Box, is derived from the area set aside during the traditional long format Equestrian Three Day Event, to run veterinary checks on horses after having completed the roads and tracks (phases A and C), and steeplechase (phase B). Before the horse tackled the demanding cross country (phase D), grooms would have ten minutes to cool down and refresh the horse, check its boots, shoes & studs were in place, and adjust any tack, whilst the rider discussed tactics and strategies on how to tackle the course from team trainers. The ten minute box was a hive of activity, and the professionalism shown there, was often reflected in how well the horse recovered after the cross country course. We have designed our boots around the purpose of the original ten minute box – to get the job done correctly, professionally, efficiently, with maximum effect & minimal fuss.


Our mission at The 10 Minute Box is simple.


Lightweight.   Easy.   Durable.

 Maximum Protection.