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Black Work Boot

Work Boots

THE 10 MINUTE BOX Work Boots are our most popular product, due to their durability, comfort, & ease of use for every day. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and we believe this is very much the job of our Work Boot!


Many horses brush (when the hoof grazes the opposite  fetlock/pastern/cannon) due to the way they move, or when they become unbalanced, so it makes sense to protect your horses valuable legs from injury. They can be used whilst warming up for a big dressage comp (the white set look really smart!), training at home on the arena, are brilliant for protection against bumps and scratches whilst jumping, riding out, cross country training...they are even great as a paddock boot!


Features include -

  • 7 mm neoprene – 2mm thicker than most other brands, provides better protection and durability. Available in white or black.
  • UV Resistant Stitching – a must for harsh Australian conditions.
  • Marine Quality Velcro – necessary to resist moisture from mud, sweat and constant washing.
  • 2.5 mm Vinyl Strike Padwith the internal reinforced buffer zone, essential for protection against brushing & knocks.


THE 10 MINUTE BOX also caters for special sizes, and can reinforce the strike pad with an extra protective layer for particularly bad brushers. NEW for 2017: Leather Strike pads available in Grey, Navy, Croc Print and Tan at just A$3.00 extra a pair.

Work Boots (Pair)

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The colour of the standard PVC Strike Pad matches the colour of the Neoprene. Alternatively, there's a Leather Strike Pad available in Grey, Navy, Croc print or Tan.

If you want to order a Set of  Boots, just select the front pair from the Size box, choose your colour, add to your cart and then select "Continue Shopping".  Then select the hind pair from the Size box and add to your cart.